Friday, June 5, 2009

Derby Video!

Thank you Hedy!
Many thanks to Peter Parker & Jordan Romney for the video footage.

Extra special thanks to Douglas, for taking one for the team. And getting it on film.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Glory

Saturday started off bright and early at the shop. Last minute tweeks, tightenings, decorating and costuming took up the few hours the team had left...

The crew rolled The Reckoner out and started to pedal... and then it happened. Erik thankfully noted that one of the cassettes was slipping again. Better right near the shop than half way through the derby eh? There are definately some gremlins in our shop...

John rushed back and performed some extreme welding in the street. His lack of welding gloves was compensated by his shoulder pad. Safety third ...

NOTE: Do not buy crappy bikes from Walmart unless you like fixing them
Everything fixed! Ready to roll for real this time!
Ava ready to man the Dune Skipper's chaos cage
Hedy puts some final touches on The Dune Skippers sighting scope
The neighbors are already starting to flock around the vehicles. Time to set sail and make the journey to the Derby staging grounds!
But not before a team toast!

Bill and Dave staged at the Derby prepping the weather balloons for the mudpit finale! Apparently when you tell the local gas house you want 2 helium tanks, they deliver and charge you for 3... No worries that means we have to hand out more custom printed Sand Reckoner balloons.
The weather was supposed to rain all day, it was borderline drizzling when we go there. It just had to hold out for a few more hours. Rain or shine, The Crew must ride! Generator gassed up, playlist in order, tires inflated, wheels true, bubble machines fueled, crew fit and ready, all systems go!

12:30 Derby Time! We positioned ourselves last in the parade. Hedy and her crew of Kate, Dave, and Ava lead the Sand fleet

while Tom, John & Erik cover the rear.
Mackie 450 pointed at the ground + laptop + tech house + Honda suitcase genny = huge sound, spinning propellers & people dancing on the street
Keeping invaders at bay with the bubble pistols. Time to head to the park for the loop around.

Tom, John & Erik keep a watchful eye as the rest of the parade circles the park section of the race. The plywood ramp to get up to the park was too narrow for The Reckoner's massive wheel base.
"What do we do now?"

The last leg of the race is through Trenton Ave, an old cobble stone street about a mile long. This is the true test of your sculpture. The death rattle is enough to break the mightiest of welds and collapse even the strongest of wheels. This would be the Dune Skippers second voyage down the gauntlet. Hedy steers her crew into the storm with nerves of steel and a look of concentration that would slice through brick.
The Sand Reckoner does not hesitate for a moment either, wherever The Skipper goes The Reckoner will follow!
The cobble stones were enough to trip the tilt sensor in our on board generator so it was dead silent besides metal rattling noises the entire ride. All the team could think about was if 'it' would hold.... whatever 'it' may be.

Made it through! Everything held!
There was a backup for the mud pit finale so the team discussed approach strategy. It was decided that The Dune Skipper would build up speed and take it head on while The Sand Reckoner would slowly crawl up and low gear it across with lift assist from the weather balloons.

The Dune Skipper blasted through with a roar from the crowd. The Reckoner made it maybe 2 feet then stopped dead in its tracks. John, Erik & Tom hopped down braving the mud and pulled her through to bring the Derby to a triumphant finish.

Post mudpit, the Sun is shining!

decompressing after that amazing ride
she did well
great job on the details!
Whats a derby without beer?

where is Tom?

Erik, Kate, Ava, Tom, Hedy, John & Dave
Winners of the 'Best Art' Award
Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby
Trenton Ave Arts Festival 2009
Some other shots of the day:
Philadelphia Casino Protesters

The Zombish, won 'Peoples Choice' Award.
Amazing work

Our friends, The Flying Monkeys.
Winners of 'Best Costume' Award

What a great experience from start to end. It has been a pleasure working and getting to know everyone in the crew. It really is a testament to what can happen when you bring curious minds together united through a creative drive. Thank you to Erik, Hedy, Dave, Tom, Kate, John and everyone who popped their heads in the shop to help & support over the months.

Until next year!

(HD Video to be posted soon)
more media can be seen in the meantime @

Friday, May 15, 2009

3. 2. 1...

The final hours! Friday night, the team gathered to finish up.

Erik was back on the creeper, with last minute brake fixing.

Hedy put the final touches on the sculptures:

No matter what happens tomorrow, this has been an unforgettable journey!